SelfV, 2016 Life > Cancer
Posted on 26th Oct, 2016

Yeah, it is back. Those three words can be dreaded at times, but here knowing that the yearly SelfV event is back, the same words can put a smile across your face.

Rather than saying SelfV 2016 kicked off, we should say it Vroomed on the silent Sunday morning on the roads of Bangalore when Ducati Bikers showed their solidarity for fight against Cancer on 2nd October. For past two years we have watched hundreds of self-made videos of people who have overcome cancer, sharing their stories in open.

When the event was proposed for the first time, there was a lot of apprehension whether it is possible to get people share their cancer experience on social media where thousands of people will watch them. But those brave spirits, who were proud of their success came out and spoke, as everyone watched sometimes with tears dripping down their cheeks, sometimes with pride, sometimes with a smile that came naturally with the sense of humour some survivors brought in and moreover 'HOPE' that we can thrive and overcome the hurdles that come in our way.

Gone are the days when cancer diagnosis meant that life was over. Today, anyone who is diagnosed with cancer not only has access to the latest treatment plans but are also aware that a love for life and looking forward to life goes a long way in successful treatment and eventually living a healthy, beautiful life after cancer. There is no more surviving cancer, today people are overcoming cancer and living life to the fullest. The change was brought in by people who came out in open to speak about their experience without fearing the stigma or shame attached to the disease.

Inspired by the support and encouragement shown through the videos that came from different parts of the globe the Pink Hope Support Group and HCG gave a kick start for the 3rd year of SELFV Survivor Stories – Life > Cancer – a platform to showcase how Life is greater than Cancer. In 2015 SelfV Survivors received a huge participation with over 400 videos from cancer survivors participating from all over the world. A great achievement indeed.

It is time to celebrate those who have won the battle with cancer. It is nice to say that the Medal of Honor for the lucky few will be none less than the Ducati Scrambler which will be awarded to the Best SELFV. Apart from the bumper prize, SelfVs stand to win Intl & Domestic Holidays from Aster, Samsung LED Tv, Designer merchandise from Fervour, Home Appliances from AW Telemobiles and Silverware from Deccan Group this year. As an addition we also invite supporters from the society to upload their selfv's which extends their support to the survivors to be a part of this celebration. You need not be a cancer survivor to show your support to fight cancer. This SELFV festival will run for 45 days. The shortlisted SELFVs would be showcased as a part of the grand finale.

This is your moment, this is your chance to tell the world how you fought and won your battle. Pick up your smart phone and start recording now so that you will inspire millions to have hope and fight their own battles strongly.